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Up for a unique team experience in a special place?


In one of our „executive adventures“ you will get the chance to learn in a unique environment away from all the daily distractions you’re facing in your busy life. Come join us for the adventure of the year.

Exceptional. Guaranteed.
Your wishes and needs are more than welcome here – they are our first priority. Every program in our set of “executive adventures“ offers a perfect combination of unique event-experiences and inspiring moments, that will blow your mind and encourage you to get the best out of your short trip.


Experiencing is Learning.
When was the last time you did something for the first time? Here you can step out of your comfort zone and face new challenges. Marketing, leading, innovation or creation – at our events all these topics are trained and lived. In a creative and inspiring surrounding, the mentors of the events will hold their fascinating speeches.


Tailor-made just for You.
Your very own taste of an unforgettable evening – even though our programs have already proven themselves to be successful formats, every adventure still has its own style. We will consider your preferences to create the perfect leadership-event full of extraordinary moments.


Culinary Delights.
Of course a proper cuisine is part of the adventure – Good local food and fine wines will add the final touch to your experience.


Excited? Here are some of our recent adventures.


Historic Heritage
Let yourself be inspired by the rich culture of Slovenia. Star-violinist and management pioneer Miha Pogacnik will guide you through cultural highlights and leadership-modules. In the beautiful landscape of Slovenia you will be motivated to seek for creative solutions and become more self-aware. As a highlight you will attend the symphonic orchestra concert around Miha Pogacnik where you can reflect your new experiences in a creative ambience.


Natural World
In Roros, Norway you will find a place for retreat and reflection. You will learn how to master current challenges and problems in a creative way with the help of entrepreneur and business philosopher Anders Indset. You will also get the chance to see one of the inspiring keynotes of Anders Indset on topics such as new leadership and digital evolution.


Up in the Sky
In the Burj Khalifa in Dubai you will attend a leadership-event and have the possibility to bungee-jump from 4000m height. This trip is all about crossing boundaries and allowing new beginnings. In a leadership-workshop you will talk about recent topics such as innovation and the dynamics of the digital evolution.